‘I love you, but I’m going to miss my train!’

    I write this post on the train on the way to work having left my youngest child crying after me on the doorstep shouting 'Mummy, come back!' in a heartbreaking plea as I called my response from half way down the road:  'I love you, but I'm going to miss my train!' This sums up what has been a largely unsatisfactory morning which went off course spectacularly when the aforementioned youngest child woke up in a slightly grumpy mood. It may be necessary for me to provide a bit of context at this point. I get up far earlier than the rest of the household and my youngest daughter has developed a routine whereby she gets up with me and we get to hang out and have some one to one time without the others. And it's lovely: we have breakfast, we chat, I do her hair, and we watch....
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  • mike and ana secret beach

    A ‘secret beach’ adventure

    Our third trip to the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall was firmly marked on the calendar when I opened the Sunday Times travel supplement the week they featured the best beaches....
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  • kids eating

    If Carlsberg did camping.

    The family and I have just returned from a long weekend camping with friends at a local YMCA family camp site.  It was everything a camping trip should be:  the....
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  • me and faith camping

    Tents, tears, trickles and toilets.

    On Friday I finally made it - exhausted and on my knees - to the end of term. The preceding 3 weeks had seen my teacher friends jump one by....
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  • ana swimming

    Just keep swimming.

    I'm going to come right out and admit my parenting fail here: I hate going swimming; I rarely take my kids to the pool; and they are well on the....
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  • super Ana

    Amazing you.

    If you were to ask me to describe my eldest daughter, there are many places I could start: I could describe the heavy dark hair that falls around the soft....
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  • don't be jealous of stuff

    Have a little Faith.

    My youngest daughter, Faith, has always been a quirky, off the wall character with a unique perspective on the world around us and this makes for some very interesting conversations.....
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