• kids

    Sometimes parenting just seems too hard

    As a parent, my default state is to feel like I am doing a bad job; to measure myself against the criteria for being a good parent and to find myself wanting. The longer I am a parent, and the more other parents I speak to, the more I realise that this might just be the default state of almost every parent. Maybe the mythical parent who coasts through life confident in their ability to handle every situation life throws at them, is just that: a myth.  But it is one thing to recognise this truth and another thing to truly believe that other people really are doing quite as badly as we are. And what if we reveal our fears about our parenting to others, what then?  Well then generally, we will be met with a flood of reassurances that of course, we are not a bad parent: far from....
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  • me and mike
  • Ana in hopsital
  • hospital costa

    Hospital humour

    Regular readers of this blog may have noticed that the number of posts has decreased considerably in the past few months.  Despite my generally slothful nature, this scarcity of posts....
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  • snow days

    Faded memories of snow

    As the excitement of Christmas start to fade and the prospect of the long, dark stretch into spring hits home, the thoughts of the nation turn to the possibility of....
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  • scalextrix

    The life cycle of a Christmas toy. 

    Christmas toys are unlike the toys that may arrive in your household at any other time of the year. Non-festive toys (or NFTs as we will refer to them from here....
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    Have you got that in writing?

    My daughters are both prolific writers. For my eldest daughter, putting down her thoughts, feelings and imaginings onto the page has been an instinctive behaviour ever since she learnt to....
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  • me and ana 2

    When did we become the new Saffy and Eddy?

    I often make the mistake of assuming I am the grown-up sensible one in my relationships with my offspring. May be at some point in their dim and distant childhood,....
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