• super Ana

    Amazing you.

    If you were to ask me to describe my eldest daughter, there are many places I could start: I could describe the heavy dark hair that falls around the soft points of her face, its glossy smoothness broken in places by her frequent, nervous gnawing. I could try to explain the way she manages to achieve a strange juxtaposition between palpable, bouncing energy and sleepy, laconic laziness reminiscent of Lewis Carroll's dormouse. I could list her very best qualities (her honesty; her kindness; her empathy with those in need; her loyal friendship) or her most challenging traits (her quick anger; her unwillingness to try if she might fail; her relentless self-deprecation; her intolerance of her sister). I could do all of these things, and each would take me down a different path and tell you something about the person she is, but none would quite capture her essence. For that....
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  • don't be jealous of stuff

    Have a little Faith.

    My youngest daughter, Faith, has always been a quirky, off the wall character with a unique perspective on the world around us and this makes for some very interesting conversations.....
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  • kids
  • me and mike
  • Ana in hopsital
  • hospital costa

    Hospital humour

    Regular readers of this blog may have noticed that the number of posts has decreased considerably in the past few months.  Despite my generally slothful nature, this scarcity of posts....
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  • snow days

    Faded memories of snow

    As the excitement of Christmas start to fade and the prospect of the long, dark stretch into spring hits home, the thoughts of the nation turn to the possibility of....
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  • scalextrix

    The life cycle of a Christmas toy. 

    Christmas toys are unlike the toys that may arrive in your household at any other time of the year. Non-festive toys (or NFTs as we will refer to them from here....
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  • IMG_20151231_140437

    Have you got that in writing?

    My daughters are both prolific writers. For my eldest daughter, putting down her thoughts, feelings and imaginings onto the page has been an instinctive behaviour ever since she learnt to....
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